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"Name-Pre" deletion type, it takes 1-15 days to update the domain name contact, except for special circumstances, and there is no possibility of redemption.
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Auction Rules
Auction Instructions
A 20% deposit of the bid amount will be temporarily frozen in your account and will be unfrozen when your bid is exceeded by others.
To ensure fairness in the auction, if there is a new bid 5 minutes before the auction ends, the auction closing will be postponed for 0-10 minutes until there is no new bid.
Bids in the last 3 minutes cannot be guaranteed to be valid. Make sure to place the bid before the last 3 minutes, as the auction ending time might fluctuate.
External bid: This is the bid of external platform users. External bids are placed flexibly without being calculated according to the bid increment (the bid might be the same as the current bid but leads). This is common as it is caused by proxy bid on external platforms.
Proxy bid: When you place a bid amount that is greater than the current highest bid, the system will automatically place your bid based on the bid increment for you. You will win the auction with the current bid if there's no other bid; otherwise, the system will automatically place your bid until your proxy bid is exceeded.
How to set the proxy bid: Place your bid amount that is greater than the current highest bid, and the system will automatically place your bid based on the bid increment for you. The bid with the exceeded amount will be automatically set as a proxy bid.
Remaining time: "Closed soon" means the internal auction is closed, but the external auction is not closed yet. There may be new bids from the external platform. Please stay with us until the auction is closed.
The bid amount of the domain auction is subject to the one displayed on this page, and the bid from the external platform is not synchronized with our site.
Winning Bid Fee
After winning the auction, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding amount from your available balance. If your account balance is insufficient, please pay the remaining amount within 72 hours; otherwise, it will be treated as a breach of the agreement.
After the payment is made, the domain name will automatically transfer to your account, and you can manage and resolve the domain name here. The domain will be able to transfer out after 60 days from the registration date.
Inccident Compensation
There is no such system that works perfectly, even so we will try hard to minimize the consequences of failing. If the user should've won the bid but did not get it eventually, we will compensate a maximum of $100 depending on the order amount if due to technical faults from our site.
Important Notes
The domains in the auction are from the other well-known registrars, not from our site.
If you lose a bid in the auction due to irresistible isues (such as power outage in the server, network is disconnected, server is attacked, auction initiator cannot submit the domain name, auction initiator cannot be connected, etc.), we will not taking any economic and legal responsibility.
The domains are primarily in a status of pendingdelete, in the auction therefore we cannot ascertain whether the domain name is intercepted by third-party software or country-based firewalls. Hence you must identify it before you place the bid. We will not taking any economic and legal responsibility if it caused by third-party interception!
If the transaction was canceled due to the caused of the backordered domain or the auction initiator cannot submit the domain, we could not guarantee you will get the domain after the domain backorder or auction have won. If above situation occurs, we will not taking any responsibility, and the deducted amount will be refunded to your account.
Due to the special circumstances of the auction platform, no breach of agreement is allowed on our site. Therefore, you are cautioned to carefully place bid for your budget.
Breach of agreement: We have the right to take back the domain, deduct the deposit and freeze your account and all domains from your account if you breached the contract. You will have to contact us within 3 days, otherwise we have the rights to put up all domains for auction publicly from your account for compensating our loses.
Please do not use the domain that won in the auction for illegal websites such as phishing fraud, etc. Once found, we will freeze the corresponding domain and your account, and the fee will not be refunded.
We are not responsible for the transferred domains caused by court or arbitrator, or the domains that deleted by registry due to infringing website, but we can provide you with appeal asistance.
We will not taking any economic and legal responsibilities caused in the auction.
Please do not bid if you are not agree with the regulations, otherwise it cannot be revoked.
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